194. Kihitsu Square brush

194. Kihitsu Square brush

Hi Everyone, 

I sold the first Kihitsu Square set.

It is 30,000 yen.


I  also found that Kihitsu has its own youtube channel, where the Square Brush is introduced.


Traditional Kumano brush companies begin to use SNS!


if they don’t change and only keep doing the same, they cannot catch up with the speed.

As you might know, 

Kihitsu brushes are made by Koyudo under the name of Kihitsu. 

They were related companies before, and now Kihitsu is independent. But Kihitsu sells only ‘Koyudo’ – made brushes.

This square set is made by Koyudo, under the Kihitsu name.

Another example is that

Kihitsu has fupa but they name SA, e.g. SA-10.

By the way, SA-10 (Kihitsu fupa01) was sold out. 

Kihitsu may make it again, but will not be the same price. 

Thank you for reading !