192. What are Yakusugi brushes made of ?

192. What are Yakusugi brushes made of ?

The above picture is Takeda Silver Fox fan brush and Takeda WF11.


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It seems that some handles are more popular than others.

Kokutan (ebony) and Yakusugi are recognized as special materials and more expensive.

Some brush makers use them as handles and they are more expensive.

Currently, I have only small types of yakusugi.


It is 18000 yen without a pouch.

Yakusugi is

cedar tree in Yakushima, Yaku Island.

Yaku Island is located in south of Kyushu, and has abundant nature.

As it is isolated, there is a different type of monkey than ones in the main island.

It is Yaku zaru, yaku monkey.

They are not afraid of humans so you can meet them on the road.

Yakusugi life is 2000 years, much longer than other cedars (500 years). The soils of Yaku Island have scarce nutrition but has much rain. Yakusugi grows slowly, and lives longer.

Yakusugi were used to build houses back in the Edo Period (1600-1867). And Yakusugi had been used and cut till 1960’s, when the government began to protect.

Yakusugi cannot be cut these days.


Yakusugi in the market are ones who were cut in the Edo Period and left in the forest.

It is still a good condition.

They are cut into squares.

Besides Yakusugi, Yaku Island is now known for a tourist place. You can visit if you love nature.

You can take an onsen (hot spring) too.

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