191. Kihitsu animal brushes

191. Kihitsu animal brushes

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Hi Everyone,

Today, I want to introduce animal brushes Kihitsu sells.

Kihitsu, itself, doesn’t make brushes but only sell ones made by Koyudo.

So Kihitsu brushes are all made by Koyudo.

Kihitsu sells ‘Koyudo’ brand as well as their own brand.

‘Kihitsu’ or ‘喜筆’

Kihitsu sells ‘cute’ brushes, which are used as gifts. For example, for wedding catalogs.

They used to sell at Isetan but not any more.

So the best way to buy ‘kihitsu’ brushes is to check online


and to please let me know.

Or we have Kihitsu brushes:


(this is our store, but they have much more kinds at their website.)

 They have 12 animal brushes that represent each year.


Cat paw brushes with wood handles are also sold well.

By the way, Netflix in Japan have some movies in 1990’s these days.


I watched ‘Notting Hill.’

A good thing was that I was able to watch it with English subtitles.

I caught many ‘Hugh Grant’ British vocabularies. Amazon provides subtitles only in Japanese.

For example, I learned that ‘bloke’ is ‘guy.’ He uses it a lot.

Good English lesson for me.


Thank you for reading!