189. I was not able to concentrate on working at cafe because…

189. I was not able to concentrate on working at cafe because…

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Hi Everyone, 

The Gold Week is over now, and we can see people commuting  with a ‘Blue Monday’ face.

One research says that the third Monday is the most blue. 

Maybe true.

Last night, I tried cafe with the expectation that it would not be crowded.

People would not go out at the end of a long weekend. 

I was right and it was not so crowded. 

I could sit on a good seat where I can work with a computer. 

There were a couple sitting next to me.  They seemed to be around 30 years old.Their conversation was not very personal and I was able to feel that it was the first date or maybe they had just come out of a gathering. 

They had fun talking, and their conversation techniques were great. 

Good listeners, asking a question from time to time, and not bragging about themselves.

Both were pretty good looking, too.

The only problem was that I was not able to concentrate on my work, LOL.

Instead, I got plenty of information that would not be useful for my life.

I learned that :

He played high school baseball, she played tennis. 

She is working with a NewZealander, and he owns business. 

Both seemed to be English speakers. He studied in Canada.

When she asked how he enjoyed Canada,  my attention reached a maximum.

I was looking forward to hearing his cultural experience that could be a blog subject.

Instead, he said,

‘Most Japanese studying there were women, and they had Canadian boyfriends there, so I did not go out with them.’

‘I did not socialize much.’

And the topic ended. 

I was a little disappointed not to hear his cultural experiences, but she was good at asking those subtle questions, and got information she wanted. 

Both did not ask directly, but they found that neither of them was not dating with anyone seriously. Because the guy asked her if she spoke English with the NewZealander colleague and she said,‘He only speaks Japanese, his Japanese wife cannot speak English. I only speak Japanese with him’

He was obviously interested in her relationship with the NewZealander. 

Good job! Both were excellent in the conversation and got information they wanted.  

Vaguely so that they did not feel any pressure. 

I wanted to pretend that I was not interested in the conversation, so I called Kanebo/Lunasol to ask their new collections, LOL.


These days, Lunasol are popular so I was not able to reserve them, but the shop manager asked me to try on the first day. She said it should work.

I like cafe but it is not a good place to call on the phone, that is a problem for me. But I needed that call, otherwise, they might think I was listening. 


I bet they will meet again, and have another good conversation. 

Whether their relationship gets serious or not, it may not matter much. 

The are both so good at conversation that they can be fine with others. 

Thank you for reading !

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Thank you!