187. Where can you be a ‘real’ yourself?

187. Where can you be a ‘real’ yourself?


(The pictures are Bisyodo brushes.)

Hi Everyone, 

I heard that it is hard to drive in the city of Rome, Italy. 

Some drivers shout at another driver who is not good at driving on a crowded road. 

Especially in the morning. 

Japanese don’t shout at each other but ….


I had a chance to work in Long Island, New York when I worked at Canon. 

I had several Japanese colleagues. 

One of them was a calm and polite gentleman. 

He was nicknamed ‘Eddie.’ 

His Japanese name was completely different. 

I was wondering how in the world he got that nickname. But he did not give me a good explanation LOL.

He was transferred from Chicago where he liked the Bears, a football team. 

Maybe he adopted that name from his favorite football player  or 

maybe he wanted to be a different person than when he was in Japan. 

He had three daughters and looked a very good daddy to them. 

I was invited to dinner several times.

At work and private, I liked how he behaved. 

One day I was flying from LaGuardia Airport, he kindly drove me.

I was flying to Norfolk, Virginia. I remember. 

We were a little late and the road was crowded.

We were chatting as usual in the car and having fun.


The next moment, it happened. 

Suddenly, we were cut off by car. 

His face got filled with anger  and he said something terrible (‘not nice’ to say the least) in Japanese ( I  don’t remember LOL)

I have never seen him like that. 

Maybe that is real him or maybe everyone has  the moment.

Or is it a cultural difference ?

Italians express directly and Japanese do indirectly. 

Or is it a car thing ?


I cannot think of good conclusions out of this blog. 

Maybe people have a place where they can be themselves… 

By the way, I had a good time in Virginia for three months after that. 
I should write sometime.

Thank you fo reading!