185. Shaving brush / Japanese Iced coffee

185. Shaving brush / Japanese Iced coffee

#addiction eyeshadow

(The picture above is an ADDICTION eyeshadow 2400 yen)


Hi Everyone, 

It is in the middle of Golden Week in Japan.

I thought happiness was felt when drinking iced coffee at a relaxing cafe. 

And it would be better if cafe is located on the Waikiki beach or Bali island in the gentle breeze.

But it is very difficult to find that kind of cafe in Tokyo during Golden Week.

So I decided to be happy only with iced coffee, LOL.

Iced coffee in Japan…

Actually it is pretty good in most cafes. 

Then I bought a kindle book written by Haruki Murakami at 450 yen over coffee.

Murakami wrote:

People don’t change when they decide to change.

Rather, they change naturally when they feel they don’t have to change. 

It is the opposite to what is written in most books about self-improvement.

But yes. 

It may be true or at least I feel that way. 

Whenever I make a ‘big’ decision to change, it doesn’t last.

We call it 

三日坊主 Mikka Bozu

(literally three day boy)

meaning that people quit working for their goal after three days.

Maybe true especially when writing a blog….


I want to introduce a cleansing brush  with water badger. 



It is also used for shaving. 

It is not sold anymore, but kihitsu has it at warehouse. 

Ebony handles have a little scar so I sell at 8000 yen

Pleas let me know, 

Thank you!