184. Kihitsu square brush

184. Kihitsu square brush

#kihitsu rectangle brush

The picture is Kihitsu square brush set 30000 yen

Hi Everyone,

I was informed that EMS postages would be raised on June 1.

I use FedEX and DHL for many countries so I hope the raise will not impact postages very much.

I used to have the image that FedEX and DHL are  expensive, which is true without a contract with those couriers.

Last April, when EMS was suspended, I explored other options.

I was checking blogs written by exporters who sells on eBay, and found that those two couriers gave good prices, provided that we use them on a regular basis.

I have been using DHL and FedEX for one year, and I can see some work better for some countries and some for others.

From my experiences,  I can tell  these are the best.

  • Australia : DHL
  • UK and Ireland : FedEX
  • France : registered mail by Japan Post better than EMS ( I haven’t tried DHL nor FedEX)
  • Germany : EMS (I haven’t tried DHL or FedEX)
  • Asia : EMS but DHL /FedEX work well, too

With FedEX and DHL,  the current postages are

Asia 1400 yen by EMS 

USA 2100 yen by either DHL or FedEX

Australia and New Zealand 2100 by DHL

Europe 2200 yen by FedEX or EMS

Japan Post says:

There will be an extra charge to North America and Europe, effective on June 1 for limited time, not for good.

EMS to USA will be available with a new price. So DHL/FedEX will be better.

I will keep you updated,

Thank you!