183. Golden week in Japan under the State of Emergency / Chikuhodo KZ series

183. Golden week in Japan under the State of Emergency / Chikuhodo KZ series

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Hi Everyone. 

It is a Golden Week new. The holiday weeks start on April 29 till May 5, but many companies give their employees the rest of the week-off. 

Usually, Japanese travel inside and outside Japan, but  this year appears to be different. 

Now Tokyo is under the Declaration of Emergency. Osaka is the worst now. 

Japanese people get used to this situation. 

They act different from what they did one year ago. 

Last year, most people stayed home and worked from home. 

This year, Tokyo is full of people. 

Though Tokyo Governor declared the Emergency situation, Yokohama, Chiba and Saitama are not a part of the declaration.

As you might know, the Tokyo area consists of those areas and people commute to Tokyo from Yokohama and Chiba.

This region has 40 million people (40% of the Japan population). 

The other areas under the Emergency are  Osaka, Hyogo(Kobe ) and Kyoto.

It seems that each person has own opinion this time. 

Local cities think differently from the big cities. 

Big company employees agree to take days off  whereas small company owners don’t feel safe economically.


Kumano brushes, located in Hiroshima, operates as usual. 

I received questions regarding KZ series, 

Please see this update, 

KZ-1  ×  NA (uncertain when)

KZ-2  ×  Scheduled in May

KZ-3  〇  Available

KZ-4  〇  Available

KZ-5  ×  Scheduled in May

KZ-6  △  Available but very few

KZ-7  〇    Available

KZ-8  〇 Available