180. New products in January : White Canadian squirrel Cheek brush, Square handle brushes and Silver Fox brush in red

Hi Everyone,

I have received several questions from my clients about new brushes.

Here are updates.

White Canadian squirrel makie brushes:

I heard that Koyudo would make face brushes in January. The handle will be black makie in a flat shape as in the picture below(cheek).

Cheek brushes were made and are in stock. Still checking the price.

Kihitsu has made their original brushes in a square shape. The hair is goat.

Kihitsu asked me to suggest a logo to the handle.

Your feedback is appreciated.

Kihitsu in English ( Kihitsu)

Kihitsu in Kanji (喜筆)

Kihitsu in Hiragana(きひつ)

Kihitsu in Katakana (キヒツ)

Kihitsu in French ( they have been put this logo )

or square (四角)

Silver fox brush in a red handle:

I will let you know the prices.

Japan will be ‘lockdown’ till February 7.

It is not as strict as the last April and May, and shops are still open till 8pm.


Thank you for reading.



  • Hi,

    I was just wondering if I missed that Koyudo white Canadian squirrel cheek brush at the top of this post or if you knew when it would be available and where? Thank you ☺️