175. SUQQU eyeshadow, Koyudo Saibikoho, Takeda limited

175. SUQQU eyeshadow, Koyudo Saibikoho, Takeda limited

Hi Everyone,

I was reading a book about Starbucks.

The concept of Starbucks is to sell a third place, not coffee itself.

Workplace is competitive, and home is a place where you need to behave as a nice spouse in America (this is not what I say, but the book says!). Starbucks thinks people need a third place to be relaxed at.

When Starbucks came to Japan, they opened a shop in Ginza, a very expensive area. It was the first shop outside North America.

People are busy there, and need a place to be relaxed at. They opened shops in busy areas gradually.

Now that Starbucks have a shop in Tottori, the smallest prefecture in Japan, they have covered all of the 47 prefectures.

Japanese need a relaxing third place, LOL.

Starbucks sells a place where you can be relaxed. That is the concept.

I sometimes feel the same way. People love to buy makeup products or brushes, but some are more into a cultural or historial aspect behind the products, which is also fun to communicate.

I cannot compete with big companies on the same ground so I need to have something different.

Ganbari masu!( I do my best)

I want to update on several brands.

SUQQU will replace the current designing eyeshadows with new ones in January. The current products will not be available then.

Koyudo has Saibikoho with black handles.

Face L 100,000 yen

Face S 70,000 yen

Cheek 50,000 yen

Takeda will sell a limited set.

It is a set of saikoho hair (for the first 2 brushes), palmy (oronpi) eyebrow brush and itachi lip brush.

19200 yen

Koyudo has cleaning brushes by crowdfunding.


They try new things.


Thank you for reading!