173 SUQQU eyeshadows will be replaced in January

173 SUQQU eyeshadows will be replaced in January

SUQQU current no.2

Takeda fox fan brush

(SUQQU eyeshadow no.2 and Takeda fox fan brush)

Hi Everyone,

SUQQU Designing eyeshadows will be renewed inJanuary.

The price will be a little more expensive than the current 8160 yen.

It will be 8400 yen.

SUQQU will replace the current products with new ones.

Please let me know if you are interested in buying them.

I can buy 133 and 134 limited eyeshadow as well.


Life in Tokyo gets back to almost normal.
People wear a mask, almost 100%.

I sometimes go to cafe to work with a computer.
Many people are working at cafe, and it is encouraging to watch them.

Today, I was at cafe again.
Ladies in their 70’s (?) were enjoying a conversation.
They were saying that :

‘We are not worried about the corona virus much these days. Everyone wears a mask and doctors are good in general. “

They are planning to go to Hawaii or Okinawa together without their husbands.
(Their husbands retired and stay home, I guess)

They enjoy life !

How about their husbands?
In Japan, it is said that men, after retiring from work, don’t enjoy life as much as women.
Women join a community outside work, and they enjoy the community while men don’t know other communities than their workplace.

I think it is true.

I belonged to a big gym before, and I was told by a gym worker that many women stayed all day and went out as a group after a gym.

Men exercise alone.

Japanese husbands have several nicknames.

It is funny, but it also tends to be true.

‘One coin husband’
The biggest coin in Japan is 500 yen (5 USD), and husbands go to Yoshinoya Gyudon(beef donburi) fast food chain, for a 500 yen lunch while their wives enjoy 2000 yen lunch with their friends.

‘Seven – Eleven’
It is a convenience store name but in Japan, some husbands are called Seven Eleven.
Husbands work from 7 to 11 pm so that their wives have free time at home.

‘ATM Bank machine’
Wives can withdraw money when they need it, but they don’t usually need it.

All are jokes ( or maybe real for some couples) but it speaks well about the situation.


Those ladies next to me might have noticed that I was smiling subtly and writing this blog.
I felt their eyes were directed to me.

Thank you for reading!