172 Bunshindo limited brushes

172 Bunshindo limited brushes

Hi Everyone,

I was informed by Bunshindo, a Kawajiri fude maker that:

Bunshindo would make

brushes with three kinds of handles (the same hair)

50,000 yen each

The hair is kolinsky/saikoho, which has been kept for more than 40 years.

The handles are bamboo.

This time, the brushes are made from limited hair.

新・化粧筆のご案内 Download

Sorry it is in Japanese !

Bunshindo told me they would concentrate on making expensive brushes only by order-made after this sale.

it will be more expensive like this.



Please let me know if you are interested )

This time,
They will presell by crowdfunding. Depending on your interest, I will decide how many I buy.

It is product sale in advance.

Thank you for reading!