171 A young couple drove my mother home…

171 A young couple drove my mother home…

(the picture is a Kihitsu animal brush – cat)

Hi Everyone,

It is November, and people wear clothes for winter.
Yet, it is 20C today so not too cold.

I read books at a bookstore every day.
There is one in Shibuya on my way to the station.

It is called Kinokuniya. I try to read books for one hour as it is easier to decide which ones to buy than checking at Amazon.

Hard time for the book store industry.

The other day, while I was reading, I got a call from my mother.

She just got back from a walk with her dog, Jack Russell. She is a very very active dog.

I said,
‘it is getting dark, you should walk with her before the sun sets. ‘

She said something strange, which I thought she was joking about.

It was getting dark, and when she was walking, a young couple she didn’t know drove her to her house.

That couple were totally strangers to her, and she said they were very nice.

But she usually walks only within 100m so I wonder why they drove her to home…

Well, it might happen in the countryside, but she lived in the north of Tokyo, and it was never heard of.

Japan is a safe country but still I did not quite understand what she told me.

Besides Jack Russell is too friendly to protect her, LOL.

I say this, it would never happen to me!

Maybe she was smiling.
It is important to have a calm and friendly face. People talk to her.

I have rarely been asked a direction when walking in Shibuya by a foreigner.

Once, I was walking in my neighbor, and a Caucasian guy asked me a direction. But he spoke Japanese fluently!

Here are some November limited.

This time, Amplitude Holiday kit was incredibly popular, fully sold out on the first day.
it is popular brand, new. They seem to be successfully market its products.

Thank you for reading!