170. SUQQU Holiday collection and Hakuhodo limited sets

170. SUQQU Holiday collection and Hakuhodo limited sets

Hi Everyone,

I mainly buy products in Shibuya Tokyu and Shinjuku Isetan.

Those department stores are still quiet, compared to ‘ Before Corona.’
Yet I see some Chinese buyers who speak Japanese very fluently.
They seem to be residents in Tokyo, so not many tourist yet.

Whatever the reason is, Japan COVID situation did not get worse.
The Government of Japan has decided to accept foreign travelers of short-time stay now.

I reckon Japan will accept tourists in general soon.

I observed one Chinese buyer who was buying lots of SUQQU eyelash curlers.
Do they sell SUQQU eyelash curlers in China very well?
It is about 20USD. There may be some secrets in marketing.
I need to learn how to sell it)

I don’t think I am good at advertising a product.
I take a picture and post it to instagram and online shop.

The other thing is that I don’t do makeup so it is hard to know what people want.

So I talk to shops and Kumano brush makers, and get as much information as possible.

Mostly importantly, I value your feedback.
Thank you)

I visited some brands who was displaying holiday collections.

SUQQU eyeshadow and blush



Hakuhodo Tokyu set


Thank you for reading!