168. Do you know what is the ratio of single people in Japan?

168. Do you know what is the ratio of single people in Japan?

Hi Everyone,

I received several questions for Takeda.

Some are:


I was told that their fox hair is different from that of Chikuhodo.

Please give me your feedback if you have both.




They can customize brushes. That is unique as a fude maker.

They say the business is small, and they try to cope with customer needs.

You can contact them directly or you can use me)
Please let me know.

It is difficult to write a blog every day.
You see I don’t write a blog daily even though I want to.

I find it easier to write every day than to write e.g. weekly.
It is easier if I make it a rule.

I haven’t come to this stage yet.

I try, and I try to write when I find a chance.

I tried to write a blog at cafe last night.

Two groups sat next to me in turn.

Though I tried not to listen, some words were heard, lol.

The first one was a business group.

An old guy, seemingly an eyeshadow manufacturer, was asking a lady, who seems to be a seller, for her opinion.

She put several eyeshadows and was telling him her opinions.

she was happily telling him that she had recently gotten married.

She was saying to him,

her husband is a Spanish. He is 195cm tall. He is a lawyer.
He asked her father first for his permission, not to her.
(the old guy said, ‘wow really?”)
He left Japan without any decision, but later they met in London.
Now they are married in Japan.

The second group are two ladies.

One lady was asking the other for her opinion on how she could have her boyfriend propose to her. She and her boyfriend live together.
She was not happy that it took long for him to make a decision.

It was a strategy session, lol.

I came back home and did some search.
I thought I could write something as a blog.

I found some numbers.
In Japan,

24 % of men at 50 years old have never got married. (14% for women)

Some TV dramas feature a 50-year single.


It is a comedy where a 53-year-old guy enjoys life with no intention to get married or he cannot get married.

The title is

‘A guy who cannot get married (not yet ) ‘ It is a series 2.

It is funny, and predictable.

I guess what I am saying here is:

TV or movies reflect the trend of society.

Lifestyle in Japan has been quite uniform till 1990’s when the country growth stopped.

People study to enter good universities, get married, buy houses, and raise kids.

Now so many kinds of people have so many different lifestyles.
Some focus on work, some on families, some on other stuff….

Especially in Tokyo.
You can have unique life if you want.
Different from the countryside, you don’t have to worry about social pressure in Tokyo.

For me, this people watching or hearing could give me topics for a next blog))

Thank you for reading.