167. Kihitsu will make new fu-pa01 but will be expensive

167. Kihitsu will make new fu-pa01 but will be expensive


Hi Everyone,

I have posted a video of a lip brush made by SUQQU.

It is made with Kolinsky.

SUQQU told me that the lip brush with kolinsky would be replaced by another lip brush.

I don’t know information on the new lip brush but it will have hair other than kolinsky.

The alternative to SUQQU Kolinsky brush would be a Kyureido KK-008.

It seems less and less kolinsky hair.

I had a call from Kihitsu.

Kihitsu has some inventory of fu-pa01 at 5000 yen now.

After it gets out of stock, Kihitsu is planning to continue to order fu-pa 01 from Koyudo. But, with hair getting expensive, the fupa 01 with saikoho this time, will be more than 10,000 yen.

I told Kihitsu that the 10,000 yen fupa 01 would be expensive if the same handle is used.

Kihitsu’s image of new fupa01 is fuwafuwa, but with the current fupa 14 handle, with a flat bottom.

I had several requests to get fuwafuwa but it is currently out of stock.

Would you like a new fupa01 with fuwafuwa handle at more than 10,000 yen?

(not sure if possible)


or you prefer the current fupa 14 handle ?


Thank you for reading,




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