166 Generation gap for me in Japan

166 Generation gap for me in Japan

Hi Everyone,

I chatted with Chikuhodo.
They will have limited sets in mid November.

They don’t call them Christmas sets or Noel, rather ‘limited.’
So they can continue to sell those limited sets as long as they are in stock.

This is Evergreen set of Hakuhodo.

I will keep you updated.

Speaking of limited, I have recently sold many ‘old’ products of Kihitsu made by Koyudo.

What Kihitsu does is that they change a little (color or handle shape or logo) to Koyudo products and sell as Kihtisu brand.

Sometimes more expensive, sometimes less expensive.
Kihitsu can choose what they like as it is own product.

Kihitsu Fupa01 is 5000yen while Koyudo one was 5520 yen.
Kihitsu Fupa13P is 3800 yen while Koyudo one is 5040 yen.

These are old stock but Kihitsu keeps the prices the same and did not raise them. Old hair is generally better.

Kihitsu CEO, Nakashima-san, seems to be enjoying selling brushes purely.
Of course, it is business so money is important but he puts client satisfaction first.

I feel old Japan from him. I respect it, and it will benefit him in a long term.

Speaking of old or new,

he and I lived in different decades so our lifestyles are different.

This is me, and I don’t try to generalize here.

I have noticed one thing about him :

I don’t watch TV at all, while he does a lot.

Well, I used to watch baseball of Hiroshima Carp, my home team, on TV.
This year I stopped watching baseball even when my team is on TV.

I only check the results, especially rookie players, as they will be main player in years to come.
( I have given up Hiroshima Carp this year and next LOL)

I watched TV long when I was a kid, but with internet, my TV time has been decreasing. It is almost zero now.

I heard from a friend that TV has a screen to search a program of YouTube in Thailand or VietNam. I reckon that most of your countries have a choice between internet or TV.

Japanese TV only airs the same channels. It hasn’t been changed.

I suspect Japanese TV companies try to protect their vested interests.

One example of ‘old’ Japan.

Old vs New

Maybe TV vs Internet

For young generations in Japan, TV will be only a device by which you watch youtube (or netflix whatever )content. I think your countries might have developed this trend more. Japan is late.

I can get information as much as I like on the web while TV sends viewers information selected by TV produces. We cannot select information on TV. TV selects and controls information for viewers.

It is a problem.

We can select politicians but we can’t select TV producers. I have been watching TV-selected information for a long time since I was a kid.

This issue, with internet at home, is getting exposed to many Japanese.

It is my humble protest to TV stations or the vest interests not to watch TV.

Oops this is not much related to Kihitsu. 

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I enjoy reading about old Japan in Haruki Murakami books, does NHK still try to collect money dues from private homes even though people don’t watch TV anymore?

Judy Li