Hakuhodo pouches

Hakuhodo pouches

Hi Everyone, 

I bought several pouches from Hakuhodo. 

They say the those pouches are normal products and that we can buy them in Japan.

But, they are not listed at online shop.

I showed product pictures to a shop and got the product numbers.

Now I registered to my online shop.







I asked the shop why some were not listed at online shop.

It is a discretion of the headquarters whether they put products to online shop or not. 

Some products are sold only from time to time, and they prefer not to put them to online.

A good example is 

G5560 Canadian squirrel eyeshadow brush

It is not new, and was sold at events. 
One manager told me that I might be interested and introduce the product.
Otherwise, I would not have known it.

I suspect Hakuhdo has big inventory. 

For example,
Hakuhodo sells monthly sets and if they were not sold out, they would return them to the headquarters.

They will make a new set from the stock, so you might see the same kind of sets from time to time.

I think I keep asking if they have some products not on the market.
I will keep you posted,


Thank you for reading!



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