SUQQU 2022 January And What I Found Out About SUQQU

SUQQU 2022 January And What I Found Out About SUQQU

Hi Everyone,

I was checking SUQQU products that will be launched in January 2022.

I found several things new at SUQQU, so I want share them with you.

As you might know, SUQQU converted all the brushes to ‘synthetic.’

There are some new types, but essentially the same types with the same prices.すべてのカテゴリー/ツール/ブラシ/c/brush

I still have SUQQU brushes with grey squirrel hair if you want natural hair.


eyeshadow L

eyeshadow M

SUQQU will have new blushes in addiction to Pure blush.

It is called ‘Melting Powder Blush.’すべてのカテゴリー/カラーメイクアップ/ブラッシュ/メルティング-パウダー-ブラッシュ-(2022-春-カラーコレクション)/p/414333?_ga=2.24887486.584353875.1640334415-1213603259.1640334415&_gac=1.153588938.1640354816.Cj0KCQiA_JWOBhDRARIsANymNOYxTLuuKoilbhmgWQub0cy8F5r_7ROINVpeqRWi7DWph2gNT9XCF8MaAiOyEALw_wcB

Another new thing is that SUQQU shop people are showing swatches at online shop.

Actually, a shop manager in Shibuya whom I always ask to swatch, is introducing.

Signature eyeshadow 02

Melting powder blush 05

Shimmer liquid highlighter 02

Here is one swatch I asked in the past.
Some shop people are reluctant to do swatches, so it helps me to show them to my clients overseas if they are helpful.

It is quite new because shop people don’t perform online or don’t want to do so.

I mean it is Kanebo, a conservative and big company that owns SUQQU.

But if you know a person, it is easier to go and buy products. 
This manager in Shibuya speaks English, so you might want to visit her and buy SUQQU, although I want you to buy products from me LOL.

Japanese companies are changing !

Thank you for reading !


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