222. Hakuhodo Autumn set

222. Hakuhodo Autumn set

Hi Everyone,


I am writing this blog over a cup of green tea - cold one.

I drink coffee and lots of green tea as well as water every day.


Green tea has been always in my life since I was a child so it is my custom  to drink it over lunch or dinner, and when I am relaxed. 


I love coffee but I feel the power of caffeine contained in coffee, but I don’t feel it when I drink green tea. So I drink it even at night. 


I am not sure if it works for everyone. 


I have an image that green tea is healthy, but I haven’t done a great deal of research. 


Green tea with Japanese sweets reminds me of my time with my grandmother.

The above picture is typical for my desert time.
Green tea with Manju (sweet beans)



I visited Hakuhodo and took a picture of the Autumn set tonight.

It is 18840yen, those brushes are







I also bought  Kokutan eyeshadow S of Canadian squirrel because I heard it was going to be discontinued. 




I will keep you updated on

Canadian squirrel

from time to time,

Thank you for reading !

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