203. Hakuhodo Canadian squirrel and Kazan squirrel

203. Hakuhodo Canadian squirrel and Kazan squirrel

Hi Everyone, 


It seems that many Olympians are now in Japan. 


It must be hard for them under this circumstance but they worked hard to be at the Olympics for several years or many years, which I would not be able to do.


I wish them best. 


I feel so bad that they compete with no attendance.


Personally, I don’t agree to this non-attendance idea but it is true that media speaks so loud that this decision was (forced to be) made.


I know many people disagree where many don’t.

There is no all-Japan opinion about this decision.




I  had an interesting chat with Hakuhodo about Canadian squirrel.


Most Canadian squirrel brushes  are not available.


I was told they can sell 





I don’t have any pictures, but

 it is similar to G5527.

Please see this.


G5560 is a round version of G5527.


I will buy one next week and


show you a picture then.


Please let me know if you are interested in buying.


The price will be 8640 yen. 


About Canadian squirrel, 

G513 is available too.


On a different note, Most of Kazan brushes of Hakuhodo are available.

Thank you!


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