197. Less and less natural hair for brushes

197. Less and less natural hair for brushes

(the picture above is that of Kihitsu square set with goat hair)

Hi Everyone, 

I read an article that 

Kolinsky hair is in short for calligraphy brushes.

It is mostly imported from China, but due to the COVID , it gets less and less.

The article was written about calligraphy brushes, but it may apply to makeup brushes too. 

It seems that most of brush companies are looking at how they sell synthetic hair. 

Goat hair is still supplied though there is less and less rare natural hair. 

Brushes with the following hairs are less sold than before.

Canadian squirrel

White Canadian squirrel 

Kazan squirrel


On the other hand, some companies have the stock.

Koyomo bought goat hair in the 1970’s , and the quality is very good. 

Those companies might be able to keep a good position in the market.

This is a goat hair set with walnut.

I often hear that many people like natural hair and don’t like synthetic hair. 

Maybe Japanese consumers buy synthetic hair but people outside Japan pay for natural hair.

With a high postage,  there is no point of buying synthetic from Japan. 

This is Canadian squirrel hair.

Face L 70,000yen

Cheek 50,000yen

(only in black)


Thank you for reading!


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