195. I worked with an Australian before. I learned something new.

195. I worked with an Australian before. I learned something new.

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Hi Everyone, 

I wrote about Yojiya that was not willing to sell  me it products because I am  a reseller. 

I have received many feedbacks,:

Some people like Yojiya and were sorry to hear,

Yojiya took away the opportunity for people outside Japan to buy their brushes 

What they said was rude.

I am in agreement with all the opinions.

What I will do is to speak to them and tell them that some of my clients want to buy Yojiya.


There are less and less tourists in Tokyo these days.

Mitsukoshi has more sales people than customers on the floor, and sales people get more friendly than before LOL.

I liked the international atmosphere in Tokyo, and I liked watching what tourists were interested in when they were in Tokyo.

It is disappointing to see fewer tourists these days.

And I like to learn the cultural differences. 


I may say I am more international, which means, I am accustomed to or interested in the differences between Japan and other countries. 

Some people are not used to be around foreign people. 

Yet many of them are so friendly to them. I admire that.

To be international for me  is  to accept different cultures than own ones. Open to others’ ideas and behaviors. It is difficult, isn’t it?


I have worked with many foreigners. 

The most I worked of all foreigners were Australians. 

There was a very nice man from Sydney.

His name was Matt.

He always smiled and had a good sense of humor. 

Though he didn’t speak Japanese, he tried to make himself available to his colleagues. 

There was a small thing I noticed.

We visited a client together and we took an elevator.

There was a lady in the elevator. 

He, as usual, offered her to get off first and kept the elevator open.

It didn’t surprise me. Most Westerns do that. 

She said, ‘thank you.’ I was able to see her English was very Japanese, and that she tried to speak English to him.

When she bowed to him, he winked at her.

She smiled shyly.


Later, I talked to a female colleague at office about it.

She said,

‘if a foreigner winked, it would be nice or friendly. But if he was a Japanese man, I would think he would be a flirt or even a womanizer.’

This is an example of being international – willing to accept a different culture LOL.

And that is why I miss tourists.

thank you for reading,


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