181. New products info : Kihitsu / Koyudo

181. New products info : Kihitsu / Koyudo

Hi Everyone,

I have received several questions from my clients about new brushes.

Here are some updates.

White Canadian squirrel makie brushes:

I heard that Koyudo would make face L brushes . The handle will be black makie in a flat shape as in the picture below(cheek).

Cheek brushes were made and are in stock. It is 25000 yen.

White Canadian Face brush L information is not yet announced.

I will keep you updated)

Kihitsu fox brush set is

85000 yen.

Please see the picture.

Canadian squirrel (red hair type) will be sold too.

Kihitsu used to sell the set 2 years ago.

I will keep you informed,


Thank you for reading.


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