176 Hakuhodo sets in Mitsukoshi Ginza

176 Hakuhodo sets in Mitsukoshi Ginza

Hakuhodo sets and Bunshindo

Hi Everyone,


I visited Ginza Mitsukoshi.

I rarely go to Mitsukoshi as Isetan Shinjuku is quicker and has all I need.

Hakuhodo is not in Isetan and Mitsukoshi Hakuhodo has more sets than others.

I should visit more.

#hakuhodo #ginza

There are three kinds of sets now.

This is a vermillion set.

S104, S110, S5555, S142, S138, S163, soap and case.

47640 yen

This is squirrel/goat set.

F1342, G505, G5523 B005, towel and case.

32160 yen

This is Compact set

F3210, J5523, J005GS and case.

10080 yen.

Please let me know if you are interested.

I will write more next time!

Thank you!


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